What is the Luckey Fund

Charles Luckey was our Assistant Caddy master and later Caddy master from 1967-2009. After he retired, a fund was set up to honor his service at the Club.

Created in 2010, The Luckey Fund today supports ACC employees and their children by providing educational scholarships to each recipient.

Now is your opportunity to show your support for all of our Atlanta Country Club employees by donating to the 501(c)(3) Luckey Fund. This fund creates a benefit for our employees that many prestigious clubs in the U.S. already have, helping position ACC as an employer of choice. Today is your chance to make a difference, supporting and encouraging individuals who work at the Club.

There are several ways that you can contribute to this educational scholarship fund at ACC. See below for more details. 

We appreciate all of the generous contributions of our Membership! This allows the Luckey Fund to continue to be a success and for us as a community to support the educational endeavors of our staff and their children. Please contact the Club’s Accounting Department for more information. 


How to Donate

How to donate:   

• Write a check to The Luckey Fund.
      - This can be mailed to ACC or dropped off at the clubhouse,
         made payable to Cobb Community Foundation or Atlanta Country Club,
         please note on the check memo line, ACC Luckey Fund
      - Or mailed directly to Cobb Community Foundation:
         P.O. BOX 671868
         Marietta,  Ga. 30006-0032

   • You can donate through your member number.
      - Contact our Accounting Department to let them know how much you would like to donate.
        This amount will be charged to your member number and appear on your next statement.

   • You can make a contribution to the Luckey Fund through your Donor Advised Account.
      - For those members with a Donor-Advised Account,
        you can make your charitable contribution directly to the Cobb Community Foundation,
        c/o Atlanta Country Club – Charlie Luckey Fund.
        Founded in 1993, the Cobb Community Foundation is the philanthropic foundation through which
        ACC supports our community and the Luckey Fund.
      - You will need Cobb Community Foundation’s EIN#: 20-5652970

   • OR You can donate directly via the Cobb Community Foundation web page.  Click Here.